Member Roundtables: February 27th!

Feb 6, 2023 | Non classé

All our members are invited to join our member Roundtables on February 27th. We will holdtwo sessions : one at 11:00AM CET and one at 3PM CET in order to accommodate our worldwide membership. These sessions will include important updates and opportunities for members to share their priorities with us.

Register for the first session here

Register for the second session here

Each Roundtable will open with some exciting developments about the Coalition. We’ll then turn to the heart of these events: hearing from members on the needs of the seaweed sector and how our Coalition can best help them. To do that, the Roundtables will both include four breakout rooms, for facilitated conversations each dedicated to one of our work pillars : Funding, Advocacy, Science and Policy.

🌊Do you want to tell us what funding you need, share your views on seeing a seaweed carbon market develop, or have any other points to raise on finance? Join the Funding room!

🌊Would you prefer to focus on advocacy? We would love to hear your views on how we can advocate more effectively for the seaweed sector and best support your efforts. Join the Advocacy room!

🌊What science do you need to effectively scale up? Sign up to join the Science room to share your views and insights on seaweed science and how the Coalition can help.

🌊What policy changes do you need so that your seaweed activity can thrive? Whether it’s at the global level, hyper-local, or anywhere in between, we would like to hear from you on how policies that affect seaweed can be improved. Tell us by joining the Policy room.

After the breakout rooms we’ll return to the plenary, where the facilitators will share highlights of those conversations and we’ll open the floor for any reactions or additional contributions.

The plenaries will be recorded and note-takers will capture the points discussed in the breakout rooms. Your inputs will inform our strategy. Join the conversation!

After you register for a Roundtable, you’ll receive a brief survey to let us know your room preferences. The Roundtables are for Coalition members only. If you are not a member yet, please join!