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The Global Seaweed Coalition aims to build a strong network of all seaweed stakeholders, from small holder farmers to multinational businesses, specialized research institutes to intergovernmental organizations. In order to reach this goal, we have developed a partnership with Ubuntoo, an environmental community-based online platform, that will help to strengthen the seaweed community by sharing knowledge, news and events. Signing in to Ubuntoo will allow you to enter in the Global Seaweed Coalition Greenhouse, and display your activity and company in order to be visible by our worldwide community.

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The Global Seaweed Coalition (GSC) is an innovative global partnership aimed at developing a safe and sustainable food source that contributes to reducing the impact of hunger and foodborne disease. Established with funding from Lloyd’s Register Foundation, the Coalition will improve safety knowledge and expertise, develop new funding initiatives and influence policymakers, regulators and consumers.

1. Ethical charter

1.1. Members undertake to act with complete integrity in all circumstances, whether within or outside the Coalition.

1.2. Members shall endeavour to participate actively in the life of the Coalition and work towards the achievement of its purpose.

1.3. Members shall refrain from damaging in any way the reputation, image and interests of the Coalition and other members.

1.4. Members shall strictly respect the confidentiality of any non-public information that they may obtain about the coalition and other members.

1.5. Members shall not divulge the contact details of other members and their representatives and shall not use them for purposes unrelated to that of the coalition. In particular, they undertake not to make any commercial use of them and to not use them or allow them to be used for canvassing and canvassing purposes.

1.6. Members shall not act or speak in the name of the Coalition without the express written authorisation of the President or the Board of Directors.

1.7. Members and their representatives shall take all appropriate measures to prevent and avoid any conflict of interest.

1.8. The members shall inform the Board of Directors as soon as possible of any potential conflict of interest and generally of any difficulty that may arise in relation to the Coalition.


2. Governance of the Global Seaweed Coalition


2.1. Coalition Secretariat Team

2.1.1. Description

Leadership team responsible for the day-to-day management of the Coalition. The Secretariat is composed of Coalition Leader – Philippe Potin; Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship Manager – Vincent Doumeizel; Coalition Manager – Kevin Cascella; Communications Manager – to be recruited; Management Accountant and other support roles as needed from CNRS DR17.

2.1.2. Responsibilities

  • Implementing the programme strategy as agreed by the Steering Committee
  • Commissioning and monitoring of activities (see section 5)
  • Financial management
  • Staff recruitment and management
  • External stakeholder engagement
  • Managing partnerships
  • Monitoring and managing performance of the coalition overall and individual activities
  • Implementation of actions arising from the Steering Committee
  • Day-to-day management and decision making, including uploading of minutes as a record of decision making and to LRF’s grant-management system

2.2. The steering committee

2.2.1. Purpose

The Steering Committee (SC) of the Global Seaweed Coalition is the strategic decision-making body responsible for ensuring delivery is in line with funder and CNRS institutional requirements. Specifically, it agrees on work plans, budgets, reporting and ensures that the Coalition regularly shares its outputs for societal benefit. The Members of the Steering Committee serve a term of one year, renewable by approval of the General Assembly via an annual vote.

2.2.2. Responsibilities
  • Setting and ensuring delivery of overall strategy and objectives for the Coalition and its growth and sustainability
  • Identifying and managing major risks for the Coalition
  • Setting/reviewing/updating targets and performance/impact metrics for activities and/or multi-project initiatives
  • Setting policy and process for identification, review, direction change and closure of call for proposals
  • Prioritization, review and approval of Coalition initiatives
  • Approving commitment of resources to activities and co-funded demonstration proposals
  • Managing the outsourcing and delivery of the communications work pillar in order to deliver on the Coalition’s impact
  • Setting priorities for developing relationships with new Partners/Members
  • Organizing and supporting the Coalition’s Annual Meeting

2.3. Advisory Board

2.3.1. Propose

Act as an advisory body to the programme, reviewing research proposals and outputs from the programme and recommending approaches for achieving impact.

2.3.2. Responsibilities
  • Advise on strategies for managing and growing the GSC
  • Advise on strategic directions and impact
  • Advise on timeliness and relevance of activities
  • Advise on potential collaborations
  • Provide independent assessment of call for proposal responses
  • Provide market intelligence
  • Identify potential new routes to impact
  • Advise on impact metrics


2.4. Working groups, Call for proposals, and General assembly

2.4.1 Working groups

The Global Seaweed Coalition is a members-driven coalition. Members will be invited to participate in working groups and round tables following their expertise and knowledge in the seaweed value chain in order to constitute an action plan that will be assessed by the Advisory Board and voted to application by the Steering Committee.

2.4.2. Call for proposals

The GSC undertakes to publish a call for proposals twice a year, to which only members of the Coalition can apply.
The themes of the calls for projects will be the result of the consultation of the working groups, round tables, and Advisory Board, and validated by the Steering Committee.

2.4.3 General assembly

The GSC will organize a general assembly every year. This general assembly will bring together all the GSC’s governance, as well as members who wish to attend. This general assembly is intended to be a high point where the actions and achievements of the Coalition will be exposed and discussed.

The general assembly will be called to vote for the renewal of the Steering Committee and its Advisory Board.

If the general assembly does not vote in favor of the renewal, then another committee, chosen on the basis of volunteering and expertise, will be proposed for validation by vote, for a mandate of one year.

3. Membership

All applications for membership must be made through the website of the coalition :, in the “member area” section, by signing this document.
The secretariat will moderate any new applications for membership and provide an answer within 48 hours.
The Secretariat shall pay particular attention to ensuring that new members are seaweed stakeholders of good character and competence and are motivated by the desire to work towards achieving the Coalition’s purpose.
The Secretariat may admit any natural or legal person as a new member.
The membership fees are free for the first three years. They will have a vocation to be modified after the 17th of March 2024. The members will be duly notified prior to any modification that leads to a change of financial contribution.

4. Rules governing the internal regulations.

The internal regulations come into force upon adoption by the Secretariat team. It is made available on the coalition’s website (
It is compulsory in all its elements for all members of our coalition. No stipulation of the internal regulations may have the effect of contradicting the statutory stipulations which must prevail in all circumstances.

By agreeing to this document, you will become a member of the Global Seaweed Coalition and accept to comply with the rules mentioned.

You will be redirected to our partner website Ubuntoo to join the Global Seaweed Coalition Community