Seaweed Ambassadors Programme

The Seaweed Ambassadors Programme was created to connect people passionate about seaweed looking for opportunities to communicate about our favorite sea vegetable with diverse audiences. This evolving initiative brings together individuals from across the globe with a variety of backgrounds to share scientific evidence while using accessible language. The Seaweed Ambassadors Programme is building on a collaboration between the Safe Seaweed Coalition and the UN Global Compact (UNGC). Seaweed Ambassadors spread awareness of seaweed’s ability to support sustainability in climate and food systems and emphasize the role of safety within those systems. Whether directly involved in the seaweed value chain or simply seaweed enthusiasts, Seaweed Ambassadors interact with one another and within personal and professional networks to share the latest evidence-based seaweed news.

Erin Bremner-Mitchell is the manager of communications and engagement at Cascadia Seaweed in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

Based in: Canada

Aurélia Buteau is a lawyer with over five years of experience in Eastern France. Now back in Nantes in Western France, she intends to promote seaweed and its multiple uses. She is also very interested in entrepreneurship. The application of seaweed in the food packaging industry is one of her favorite topics.

Preferred communication platform: LinkedIn

Based in: France

Haibo Chen is a risk analyst for ships, ocean facilities, and complex operations in ocean environment.

Preferred communication platforms: Email, Phone, & WeChat: srmhch2016

Based in: China

Diana Corbin is a strategy, fundraising, and impact leader with 25 years of international development experience at the World Bank and as an independent consultant. A Certified Fundraising Executive, she uses her global experience to find local solutions. She is also an ocean enthusiast and a Triple Crown open water swimmer.

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn & Email

Based in: United States

Julia Curry is a massage therapist, movement instructor, and wellness advocate with previous experience in environmental policy and law.

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn

Based in: United States

Hervé Dreano is a retired external relations manager in the energy industry involved in implementation of an international Global Acceptance program towards public and maritime stakeholders.

Preferred communication platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, & Ubuntoo

Based in: France

Margaux Eloy is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science with particular interests in rural development, agrosciences and natural resource management.

Preferred communication platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn, & Email 

Based in: France

Sharleen Elvira is a seaweed enthusiast interested in revolutionizing the Indonesian seaweed industry and developing an innovative ecosystem to boost local seaweed trade.

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn & Email

Based in: Indonesia

Karla Everts a current student in the Sustainable Aquaculture program at the University of Massachusetts with a B.S. in Natural Resource Management/Fisheries and an M.P.H. in Environmental Science/Public Policy.

Preferred communication platforms: Instagram & LinkedIn

Based in: United States

Allison Fortner is a doctoral student in agricultural & environmental science communication at the University of Georgia. A former Safe Seaweed Coalition intern, she is passionate about developing relationships between the seaweed and agriculture industries.

Preferred communication platforms: Instagram & LinkedIn

Based in: United States

Rachael Franchini is an M.A. candidate at George Washington University studying International Development Studies, concentrating in sustainable development and food security in sub-Saharan Africa.

Preferred communication platform: LinkedIn

Based in: United States

Nathan Gaborieau is a MSc student in Global Challenges for Sustainability. 

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn

Based in: France and Ireland

Polly Galita is a seaweed farmer in Scotland, enthusiastic about the global potential for seaweed and its multiple uses.

Preferred communication platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blog

Based in: Scotland

Teresa García is an agronomist engineer and expert in animal/fish production and nutrition. Tere is also a Ph.D. student and researcher of alternative and new ingredients to prepare sustainable food for fish and other aquaculture species.

Preferred communication platform: Email

Based in: Chile

Zara Hawkins is a youth activist who has had an interest in seaweed and algae since the age of 7. In 2020, she co-founded Hidden Plastic to educate people about the dangers of microplastics through the use of short videos. She is also an ambassador for the youth activist platform The Planeteer Alliance and founding member of their newly-formed Planeteer Wisdom Council.

Preferred communication platform: Email, Instagram & Twitter

Based in: UK

Oscar Ikinya is passionate about Seaweed – its cultivation and value addition. From consuming seaweed for personal health reasons, to making seaweed fertilizer for organic farming to seeking to facilitate seaweed cultivation after a seaweed training, Oscar is now looking to improve livelihoods, mitigate climate change and enhance food security by facilitating seaweed cultivation and value addition, in the North Coast, Kenya, East Africa.

Preferred communication platform: Email 

Based in: North Coast of Kenya


Liam Maguire is a student at the University of Utrecht studying Global Challenges for Sustainability as part of the CHARM EU Masters Programme. As part of the master’s programme, Liam is undertaking research on the feasibility of integrating Seaweed based products into European markets.

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn

Based in: Netherlands

Manon Malsang is a master’s student in climate sciences.

Based in: France

Leena Devadas Marypushpam is an Erasmus scholar currently doing her research at The Scottish Association for Marine Science. She has a passion for studying new techniques for refinement and development of marine natural products, especially from algae.

Preferred communication platforms: Linkedin, Email & Instagram

Based in: India / Scotland

Ambulah Mamey is an agricultural development practitioner, trained and experienced in transforming research evidence into context-specific and outcome-based food security programs.

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn & Email

Based in: United States

Anga Mbeyiya is a Sustainable Blue Economy masters researcher and seaweed farmer entrepreneur. She has range of qualifications in marketing, project management, facilitation and sustainable development.

Preferred communication Platforms: LinkedInUbuntoo

Based in: South Africa

Maria Christel Nasaaka Kavuma is a sustainability enthusiast and finance professional. She is also a volunteer at the World Bank Group Family Network.

Preferred communication platforms: Email, LinkedIn, & Ubuntoo

Based in: United States

Tessa Nauta is a MSc student Global Challenges for Sustainability at CHARM-EU. 

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn 

Based in: Spain 


Aaron M. Pinto is a Senior Project Manager, Environmental Activist, Consultant, and NPO Board Member who has worked on large-scale social and infrastructure projects across the world for Non-Profits and Government Agencies. He has advanced degrees and Certifications in Business, Environmental Sciences, Humanitarianism, and Project Management. Aaron is absolutely determined to grow a global community of activists, including NGOs, NPOs, Governments, and Individuals who will actively protect our vulnerable planet.

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn

Based in: Canada (permanent), Germany (current)

Christine Pinto is a Technologist, Volunteerism Leader, and Environmental Activist. She has Certifications in Technology, Operational Leadership, and Humanitarianism. She has developed technical solutions as an Automation Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Volunteer Leader, Web Developer, and Consultant for SMEs and Governmental agencies across the world. Christine is an internationally-recognized speaker within the Automation Engineering space and has now directed all of her capabilities towards protecting our planet through technological means.

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter

Based in: Germany

Rhianna Rees is the Seaweed Academy Coordinator at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), in charge of developing content and delivering courses. 

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter: @phycologeek & @RhiannaRees

Based in: Scotland

Victoria Seekman is a master’s student in the international development studies program at The George Washington University and is also the Climate Smart Agriculture intern with International Development Enterprises (iDE).

Preferred communication platforms: Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn

Based in: United States

Nadia Scheffer is an ideator of a unique production technique, transforming beach cast seaweed into a pliable material for fashion and home décor products.

Preferred communication platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Based in: South Africa

Fiona Trappe has a background in regional economic and market development and as co-founder of The Seaweed Alliance and director of Seas The Opportunity has been an ambassador for seaweed since 2017 and continues advocating for seaweed with a specific focus on the UK and Ireland.

Preferred communication platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Email

Based in: United Kingdom

Zongkai Wang is an undergraduate student studying sustainability in business.

Preferred communication platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn, & WeChat

Based in: United States

Charlene Xia is a graduate researcher focusing on developing a scalable seaweed health monitoring system based on its surrounding microbiome at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Preferred communication platforms: LinkedIn

Based in: United States