The Safe Seaweed Coalition Roundtables are opening next week!

Apr 9, 2021 | Roundtable

The Safe Seaweed Coalition Roundtables are opening next week, April 13th 2PM (GMT+1), with a discussion on Seaweed in Africa! In the perspective of creating a space for collaboration between seaweed stakeholders in Africa, our members will identify challenges and define our objectives, in the run of our first calls for proposal, that will be opened next summer. This discussion will also pave the way to the UN Food System Summit Seaweed Dialogue taking place on April, 28th with a dedicated session on Africa.

Reports on the outcomes of the roundtables will be published on our Resources section and made available to all. Meanwhile, if not done already, join our growing community on our Ubuntoo platform, and participate in the worldwide mapping of the seaweed value chain by recommending solutions, advertising your events and sharing news and knowledge. Follow the Seaweed Revolution!